Discover the model

A timeless

A tribute to the first Motosacoche of 1901. Cutting-edge technology and materials.

Original Type-A

A unique


1 000 W. The most powerful electric engine for an e-bike available on the market. From the MAG range, it has been entirely developed for the new Type-A, and is assembled in Switzerland. Its brushless synchronous permanent magnet with an "Outrunner" architecture produces phenomenal torque at the slightest touch.

1000 W


80 N⋅m of torque


45 km/h

Mid Drive

A smart
and durable

1200 WH. This is the largest capacity battery available on the market. It's also enough to travel from Geneva to Neuchâtel (120 km) on one charge. CellSwap technology allows a single faulty cell to be replaced instead of the entire pack. The FailSafe technology makes it possible to predict failures before they occur. A powerful and durable battery!

120 km

of autonomy

2.5 h

fast charge


Reparable battery

1200 W⋅h

Long lasting power


Predictive technology

A powerful
and safe

Riding at 45 km/h requires powerful braking. You can rely on the Magura MT5E 4-piston braking system to keep you safe.

A powerful and safe braking
Dufaux brothers

A century of passion
on two wheels

From the first moped prototypes built in a family garage in 1901, to multiple world records and victories in the Bol d'Or and all the most prestigious competitions, Motosacoche has made Swiss industry known throughout the world.

Discover history

to last

For decades, the reliability of Motosacoche engines and machines has been recognized worldwide.

We design our products with the same care and attention to detail. A commitment we owe to our customers, and to the planet.

Anti-obsolescence program

Free updates for life. All our bikes come with a free lifetime firmware update. This means that all our customers benefit from the latest features enabled by their hardware. Our designs are also as scalable as possible to allow new modules to be added over time. A product that you love should be around for a long time.

CellSwap Ready

Bicycle batteries are usually made up of cells that are soldered together. In the event of a failure in one cell or a group of cells, this makes it impossible to replace the defective elements. Manufacturers throw away the entire pack and replace it with a new one. Thanks to the patented CellSwap technology, the batteries are dismantled and only the defective cells are replaced. An economical and ecological system. Our batteries come with a three-year warranty, and 5-year warranties is available as an option.

FailSafe Predictiv Technology

Every cell in the battery is constantly monitored. At the slightest sign of failure, we analyse the signal and compare it to the millions of data points we continuously collect on our cells. If a problem is detected, the user is notified before the failure occurs. We then provide them with a replacement battery while they wait for theirs to be repaired.

European Sourcing

We make every effort to source as many parts and materials as possible in Europe, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction of our bikes. We are the manufacturer with the most European sourced components on the market.

Don't throw away. Repair.

All our products are designed with quality materials and the strongest possible assemblies. This is the best way to make them last over time. If a problem should arise, the Motosacoche Type-A can easily be repaired locally. This makes us the only manufacturer to offer an engine that can be easily repaired, while our competitors send theirs back around the world, or destroy them because repairs are deemed too complex and/or too expensive.

Valet service

We service and repair your vehicle to order, directly at your home or workplace.


A unique bike, just like you!

Paintings, signature plates, finishes, options. Choose from hundreds of possible combinations to create the bike that really suits you.

Technical data

MAG motor
1 000 W, 100 % Steel and aluminium, made in Geneva
Mid Drive System
Brushless Synchronous with permanent magnets
Repairable lithium-ion battery
1 200 Wh, with FailSafe and CellSwap technologies, made in Switzerland
Double belt
Gear Shift
CVT Enviolo
Discs, Magura T5
High definition, integrated into the stem
Carbon fiber, secured bag
Chromoly steel, made in Europe
Saddle and grips
BARAMIND, Bam Trek model, made in France
DT SWISS, 27,5-inch
SCHWALBE, 27,5-inch
Bluetooth and 3G