Experience the Racing Heritage of Le Mans Classic

"Le Mans Classic" Edition

Limited to 24 numbered units

your inner speed demon

24 units only

  • Exclusive details

    The Le Mans Classic limited edition bike is a collector's dream, limited to just 24 units worldwide. Join the elite few who own this remarkable piece of racing history.

  • Racing heritage

    Inspired by Motosacoche's illustrious racing tradition, which includes 42 world records and countless victories in international races, Le Mans Classic captures the essence of reliability and performance.

  • Unmatched speed

    Experience the adrenaline rush of speeds up to 45 km/h, a testament to the power and performance embedded in every Le Mans Classic bike.

  • Swiss craftmanship

    Handcrafted in Geneva, Switzerland, Le Mans Classic showcases the renowned expertise and precision of Motosacoche's legendary racing legacy.

  • Geolocation technology

    Stay connected and in control with integrated geolocation technology, ensuring you can rely on your Le Mans Classic's performance during every thrilling race.

performance and style

  • Steel blue frame

    Captivate attention with the timeless steel blue frame, embodying elegance and the racing DNA of Motosacoche.

  • Pied de poule fabric sheathing

    Indulge in luxury with the unique pied de poule fabric sheathing, adding a touch of classic elegance to your cycling experience.

  • Carbon fiber sacoche

    Carry your essentials securely and stylishly with the lightweight and durable carbon fiber sacoche, reflecting the performance-driven ethos of Motosacoche.

1000 W


80 N⋅m of torque


45 km/h

Mid Drive

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